Office of the future

Working at the office of the future


Agility and Wellness in the spotlight!

The radical changes caused by the pandemic have practically transformed our working reality. In this newly formed era, we can all work from anywhere and anytime, provided that the appropriate technological tools are at our disposal and the necessary infrastructure is in place. The future of employment has now been marked by agility on the one hand and technology on the other. Agility has evolved into the ultimate prerequisite for all organisations’ sustainability, with technology constituting the central pillar for the future of entrepreneurship.

For us, however, offices still constitute the heart and soul of the organisation, reflecting its identity and culture. In working spaces, employees interact, share both personal and professional experiences, build strong bonds, and generate social capital with collective knowledge, ideas, and innovation.

Implementing a development strategy based on employees’ needs

As part of our people-centric approach, we granted our employees the agility required, adopting a new hybrid working model and designing the “office of the future,” infused with the extensive use of technology. The new spaces reflect our environmental, social, and corporate culture while allowing people to work seamlessly from every part of the world.

Our spaces are designed to ensure greater physical distancing alongside the hygiene of the entire workforce through the following:

  • Application of a system of natural air

  • Provision of natural lighting

  • Installation of external noise reduction elements

As part of the new hybrid working model and with both the well-being and safety of our people as a focal point, we established:

  • A Hot Desking system that allows our employees to use the new spaces according to their teleworking schedule. Our people can now schedule their working days with a physical presence and “book” their office via mobile applications.

  • A dedicated medical room within our premises, with an experienced nurse always on the front line to assist our people.

  • A fully equipped gym space, enabling our people to blow off the steam.

  • A therapeutic space, where they can lower their stress levels through massage treatments.

  • A beauty salon aiming to boost their mood.

  • A healthy in-house restaurant, offering healthy meal options and promoting the adoption of balanced nutritional habits.

An array of initiatives that are just the tip of the iceberg; A plethora of actions that constitute just a part of a broader plan, aiming to bring the work-life balance to a whole new level, ensuring our people’s wellbeing in both professional and personal terms.