Qualco Group | World Day for Health and Safety at Work

Celebrating the World Day for Safety & Health at Work with a life-saving initiative


Acknowledging that health is our greatest wealth and gazing to a new era of solidarity, here at Qualco Group, we celebrated the World Day for Health and Safety at Work nominated on April 28, with a life-saving initiative; In collaboration with the nonprofit organisation "Orama Elpidas”, we organised a Bone Marrow Donation day, learning everything about becoming a volunteer donor.

First of all, we came to explore the facts; Thousands of patients with life-threatening health conditions, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or other hematological diseases, can only be cured by transplantation, while 70% of patients cannot find a compatible donor in their family environment.

To this end, a rather informative webinar was held on this special day, with Ms. Ioanna Varela, a specialised Biologist of the Association, emphasising the value of becoming a volunteer bone marrow donor. More than 150 of Qualco Group’s employees had the chance to participate, learning how we can all become volunteer donors alongside the qualifications for donation.

Following the webinar, the Group’s nurse was at the forefront of this initiative, answering all queries regarding the donation process on-site, as well as taking saliva samples of our people who decided to become donors.

Creating a better world of reciprocal support lies at the heart of Qualco Group’s mission; besides all we need is a heart full of love for our fellow man.