QUALCO Well-being

Adding a twist of wellness to people’s workday through an array of brand-new facilities


With work-life balance lying at the core of its people-centric culture, Qualco Group announces that the grand opening of its well-being facilities is just around the corner.

At Qualco Group, we stand by our people’s side, providing them with a workplace constructed, designed and managed with their well-being in mind. To this end, an array of on-site facilities aiming to add a few carefree moments to everyone’s demanding working routine will raise the curtain soon.

More specifically, Qualco Group’s employees will soon be able to rejuvenate their busy workday, improve their wellness and adopt a healthy lifestyle, through a fully equipped gym, a therapeutic room and a beauty salon. Work-life balance extends beyond a plain term to reality, with this series of facilities that come to allow all employees to blow off their steam, lower their stress levels and boost their mood.

At Qualco Group, well-being isn’t just a buzzwords’ combo but defines its strategy and culture, where people have the first call.