QUALCO at the 10th Spring Day in Milan


On April 9th, QUALCO participated in the 10th CV Spring Day in Milan, a significant gathering for stakeholders in the Non-Performing Loan (NPL) sector. This event provided a platform for insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities to explore emerging business avenues.  

The event covered various topics, including the Single European Market for debt buying and servicing, Stage 2 credits, the Italian NPL Secondary Market, and the role of AI applications in credit management. This year’s event was particularly noteworthy for its emphasis on utilities — a sector gaining increasing importance in the NPL industry. This focus underscored how vital utilities have become and how well-suited QUALCO’s solutions are to meet these industry needs. 

Italian Market versus European market 

Marco Cozzi, QUALCO’s Country Manager in Italy joined the roundtable "Italian Market versus European market", along with V. Borgonovi (NPE UniCredit), M. Franchi (DoValue Group), G. Georgakopoulos and G. Gilli (Intrum), F. Guarneri (Guber Banca), E. Lombella (Banco BPM) and A. Pagano (Fire). Moderated by journalist M. Longo, the discussion explored market trends, transaction forecasts, and the evolving role of servicers in meeting banking needs.  

The participants deliberated on the potential impacts of EU Directive 2021/2167 transposition, anticipating changes in industry landscapes and the emergence of specialised service providers and tech-driven entities. Regulatory developments and impending legislative frameworks were also discussed, emphasising the need for industry players to adapt to evolving compliance requirements. 

Cozzi highlighted the diverse dynamics and common challenges faced by technological service providers across different countries. He pointed out the strategic importance of the Italian market, noting that many multinational players, particularly from Northern Europe, are deepening their investments in Italy by focusing on portfolios, personnel, and technological advancements. He further emphasised the necessity for multinational companies to adopt centralised operational strategies, supported by configurable technology platforms tailored to local markets to harness synergies while respecting market uniqueness.

The Key Role of Technology 

Cozzi touched on the critical role of technology in managing the aging stock of non-performing loans (NPLs). As NPLs become more difficult to value, technology transitions from a critical success factor to an indispensable tool. He presented examples where technology aids in: 

  • asset pricing 
  • case prioritisation 
  • process engineering 
  • enhanced debtor interaction 

These technological advances not only streamline operations but also significantly reduce costs, allowing companies to focus human resources on high-value tasks.

In the face of industry uncertainties and profitability pressures, Cozzi argued that technology is the key differentiator for companies aiming to thrive. He underscored the importance of continuing to invest in technological innovations to stay competitive in a challenging market environment. He also addressed the necessity of bridging data gaps with technology, especially in transitioning from paper-based to digital systems, enhancing the completeness and quality of information.



QUALCO 360 is a constantly expanding solutions ecosystem that enables businesses to rapidly align operational activity with ever-changing customer behaviour. QUALCO 360 supports all asset classes, from banking to NPL (Non-Performing Loans) servicing, retail credit to utilities, consumer, SME, and corporate, both secured and unsecured.