QUALCO x EUROPA & CREDIT FACTOR partnership 2023

Europa Factor and Credit Factor partner with QUALCO to transform their credit and collections management operations


30th March 2023 – Rome, Italy; With over 22 years of experience as an NPL purchaser and servicer, 18 operating hubs, and 2000 employees, Europa Factor  is a major player in the Italian market, known for its fair, customer-centric approach and social responsibility focus.  


To date, the company has managed more than 20 million customer cases and purchased 370 NPE portfolios in the unsecured credit market. Recently, Europa Factor extended its operations to the banking NPL sector through Credit Factor, a joint venture with IBL Banca. 

QUALCO is a leading technology provider that tackles some of the most pressing challenges in the credit and NPL sectors through technology innovation, data insights, and leading working practices. Europa Factor and Credit Factor will invest in QUALCO's proven technology to accelerate their growth plans and take advantage of digital, automation, and analytics capabilities.  

Specifically, the companies will implement QUALCO 360°, a comprehensive solution that combines a robust end-to-end collections and recoveries platform with digital self-service and conversational messaging capabilities. In parallel, Europa Factor will use its customer data to bring predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making to its operations. 

“Reaffirming our commitment to delivering the highest quality services to the market, we are delighted to partner with QUALCO. This powerful collaboration ensures we have the tools to achieve our business goals and radically improve customer experience,” says Pierluca Bottone, CEO at Europa Factor and Credit Factor. 

Marco Cozzi, QUALCO Country Manager in Italy, commented: "We see technology and data playing an increasingly important role in the Italian NPL and receivables market. We are thrilled for our collaboration with Europa Factor and Credit Factor as it allows us to co-create a unique ecosystem that extracts value from technology and innovation.” 

About Europa Factor  

With over 22 years of experience in credit management, debt recovery, and purchasing, Europa Factor stands out not only for the excellent results it brings to investors and clients but also for its transparent and fair approach to its customers. With 18 operating hubs and 2000 credit collection professionals, the company is a leader in credit collection in Utilities & Telcos and one of the main players in the collection of banking NPEs.  

About Credit Factor 

Founded in 2018 as a joint venture between Europa Factor and the IBL Banca Banking Group, today Credit Factor has reached almost 3 billion in proprietary loans, serving 2.5 million customers. The company aims to become a market leader in the purchase of non-performing exposures originating from banking.  



Combining analytics with Machine Learning and a comprehensive collections system, QUALCO 360° revolutionises the management of NPLs and NPEs and radically reduces losses.