Short Answers to Big Questions: How has QUALCO evolved its communications strategies in recent times analytics-wise?

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We are striving to optimise our communications strategies using an evidence-based approach, through a series of A/B tests in which the “B” or “challenger” strategy differs in a minimal, well-defined way.

This is a never-ending process faced with significant challenges: a portfolio is not a laboratory, customer circumstances and macroeconomic conditions are not under our control, collecting the necessary data may require system changes that lag far behind the pace of strategy evolution, and all of this needs to be done within ethical and regulatory constraints – but the confidence obtained from measurable results is hard to ignore, even in situations where the gains are marginal.

panayisby Panayis Fourniotis Pavlatos,
Director of Intelligent Decisions at QUALCO


Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Collections, Analytics, Technology, big data, AI, ML, models, robot, chatbot, machine learning, predictive analytics

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