Short Answers to Big Questions: What regulatory issues are at the top of the agenda: vulnerable customers, regulation, accurate billing, data, and help schemes?

By QUALCO    |    October 02, 2019    |    Share

Regulatory Demands-1

Fairness – not just towards vulnerable customers, but towards any customer category the regulator wishes to protect – is an upcoming concern. This is particularly critical as automated, data-driven modelling and decision making expands in scope, because all data-driven approaches will, by default, perpetuate all our past biases. Again, innovation is necessary to ensure that our data-driven predictive analytics only automate what is best about us, leaving the foibles of human behaviour behind.

by Panayis Fourniotis Pavlatos,

Director of Intelligent Decisions at QUALCO


Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Collections, Analytics, Technology, Regulation, Data, big data, AI, ML, models, robot, chatbot, machine learning, predictive analytics

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