Recouvrement & Contentieux Conference 2022

QUALCO sponsors this year’s Recouvrement & Contentieux Conference in Paris


It has been such a productive Recouvrement & Contentieux conference this year. Taking place in Paris and being organised by DII, every year, this event is a great meeting point to discuss the latest developments in the Recoveries and Litigation industry with key professionals from acclaimed institutions joining from across France.

QUALCO, has proudly sponsored this year’s conference that started with Jerome Henry, from ECB Direction of Financial Stability, who shared his insights on the effects of the post-pandemic era and particularly talked about the unprecedented and coordinated government action that took place across the EU. He also emphasized on the importance of collecting very detailed data on the road to recovery. Analytics are a key tool to achieve efficiency and can prove to be very valuable when responding to challenges.

On top of providing advanced analytics solutions, QUALCO also recently built omnichannel capabilities to accelerate the collections process. During the conference, César Paiva, QUALCO's ambassador in France, and George Fertakis, Senior Business Consultant at QUALCO Technology, had the chance to address the importance of omni-channel customer engagement in debt management processes to optimise the customers’ journey through cutting-edge technology.

Here’s a look on how operations can be enhanced by these omnichannel capabilities:

  • Deliver a seamless customer experience
  • Improve contact center efficiency
  • Get a single customer view across all channels, and finally
  • Increase payment rates

Recouvrement & Contentieux conference in Paris 2022 - presentation


QUALCO at Recouvrement & Contentieux Conference, Paris 2022

At the end of the first day of the event QUALCO also had the opportunity to host a special dinner, to further discuss innovation and technology and how can debt management platforms utilize that technology to optimise collections and recoveries operations, with a great assemble of participants.FiQUALCO at Recouvrement & Contentieux conference, Paris 2022Find more: