NPL Europe 2017- Spring Edition: Join Qualco in the ‘Greece & Cyprus’ panel discussion


QUALCO, a leading European service provider in the credit and debt collection space, is proud to announce its participation in the NPL Europe 2017- Spring Edition, which takes place in London, on March 9-10, 2017.

Nikos Vardaramatos, QUALCO’s Servicing & Portfolio Management Director, participates in a panel discussion dedicated to the Greece & Cyprus markets, at 11:00 am, on Thursday 9th March.

The key discussion areas will be:

  • Low GDP growth, continuing government debt and ongoing political stability – yet predictions of €20-40bn in transactions over the next 2 years. Why?
  • What specific actions could the banks implement to resolve high NPL ratios?

Meet the QUALCO team and get the opportunity to learn how other organisations are dealing with challenges like yours when it comes to managing debt in an efficient, fair and socially sustainable manner.

To arrange a meeting during the conference, please send a note to