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QUALCO sponsors the 5th NPL Iberian Forum and the 1st South European Congress


 We are delighted to announce that QUALCO will be sponsoring the 5th NPL Iberian Forum and the 1st South European Congress on October 2nd and 3rd at Lisbon, Portugal by CMS Group

Our very own COO, Spyros Retzekas, will be a member of the panel 'Debt Collection Management Tools. The Servicing Market in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece'.


About the event:

This is a 2 in 1 event about the evolution and challenges of the NPL industry in Portugal and the future of the South European NPL industry.

From 2016 to the date, banks in Portugal have reduced their NPLs to half. The unproductive credit has decreased 24.600 million euros. Even though, Portugal still has the third-highest NPL ratio in Europe which makes it a very interesting opportunity for investments.

NPLs are affecting the profitability of several banks all over Europe and impacting the growth of the continent’s economy. In this scenario, non-performing loans have become a legitimate investment option, allowing banks to reduce risk, restructure their portfolios and redistribute their NPL's resources to their basic activities. 

In several debates, we will discuss alongside with experts, how is the NPL market developing in the Southern Regions of the continent that have concentrated this kind of operations

Event Details:

Title:  5th NPL Iberian Forum & 1st South European Congress
Date: 02-03 of October 2019
Venue: Pestana Palace Hotel and National Monument | Lisbon, Portugal

If you want to learn more about the event you can click here: