QUALCO-Arum Certificate

QUALCO renews its Arum Approved System accreditation for QUALCO Collection & Recoveries


We are pleased to announce that QUALCO has successfully managed to renew its Arum Approved System certificate for QUALCO Collections & Recoveries for the second year running.

This accreditation demonstrates that QUALCO Collections & Recoveries has continued to meet the current market needs as well as Arum’s standards, managing not only to navigate efficiently those turbulent times but also to expand its capabilities.

Arum was extremely impressed by the commitment of the QUALCO team and the developments they have undertaken over the past year following the 2020 report. Key stand out areas of the solution are:

Best-in-Class Agent UI – This has undergone further development and improvements which take the UI to the next level from an end-user/agent perspective.

Environment Promotion – The development of promoting from the development and test environments into production is a key stand-out point from the previous report that QUALCO has taken on board and delivered.

Omnichannel Capability – This has moved on dramatically and the continuous developments have allowed this to maintain as a potential best-in-class in-built solution to a C&R platform.

Self-Serve and I&E Improvements – Continuing to develop the self-serve solution to link in with Open Banking and offer a wider range of customer journeys for self-service.

Real-time integration – The further development in this area will push QUALCO’s product further massively, coupled with the real-time decisioning with D3E, this can be a powerful overall tool in Collections and Recoveries by having real-time triggers for appropriate customer journeys, including complex analytics and decisioning such as best time/method to call.


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