QUALCO proudly sponsors Distressed Investments Forum 2016


Qualco proudly sponsors Distressed Investments Forum 2016 that will take place in London on March 9-10.

The Distressed Investments Forum will bring together distressed debt investors, funds, lawyers, restructuring advisors, debt purchasers, bankers and consultants from around the globe to discuss the opportunities and strategies in restructuring and distressed debt investing.

On day two, our very own Minos Moissis, Executive Advisor, will moderate a panel discussion focused on the Greek market.

Forum Overview

Industry experts will share their views on current market dynamics and shed light on investment opportunities along with potential pitfalls and future challenges in a highly fragmented transaction landscape.

Some of the topics to be discussed

  • Europe - Why the US model of distressed debt purchasing is failing?

  • The case for Hungary and Romania, are these markets offering superior risk adjusted returns for CRE investments?

  • Setting up and Running a Bad Bank in Greece - Lessons Learned

  • Distressed opportunities for private equity investors

  • Looking at historical precedents – e.g. US in the nineties, Germany in the noughties

  • Understanding distressed opportunities in emerging markets

  • The Next Wave of NPL Transactions

  • A look at today's markets - where to invest in and why

 Find out more about the forum at the official website

To arrange a meeting with Qualco experts during the forum please send a note to info@qualco.eu