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QUALCO joins Temenos MarketPlace


QUALCO delivers Debt Portfolio Management Solution on Temenos’ flagship offering T24.



Athens, March 2 2018

QUALCO, the leading provider of debt portfolio management technology, announced today that it is making QUALCO Collections and Recoveries software available via the Temenos Marketplace.

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries system helps banks manage high volumes of non-performing assets effectively and in compliance with regulations. The technology uses data-driven analytics to predict customer behaviour and optimise treatment strategies. It manages debt portfolios through the entire lifecycle, from performing accounts to early delinquency and recoveries. The solution supports all banking products, from unsecured debt to mortgages and SME loans, while it’s used by financial institutions to manage accounts on both an in-house and outsourced basis.

QUALCO Collection & Recoveries is used widely in the banking sector, especially in Europe. It counts among its clients several banks that use Temenos’ best-selling core banking system who benefit from the easy integration between the two solutions. 

“Joining Temenos Marketplace is an important step forward in the long and fruitful complementary partnership between QUALCO and Temenos. We strongly believe that this exciting development will empower Banks on their path for effective and compliant non-performing loans (NPL) management”, said Spyros Retzekas, Chief Client Officer, QUALCO.

Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, added, “Our aim with the MarketPlace is provide Temenos customers with the broadest possible range of value-added solutions made available for testing at the click of button. QUALCO, a proven and effective debt management solution, provides an excellent new addition to our ecosystem.”


QUALCO is an expert provider with more than 15 years’ proven experience in enabling clients to take control of customer data across the entire credit lifecycle. Whether you are looking to modernise your internal collections platform, delve deep into the analytics of your entire debt portfolio to drive future strategy, or harness the power of external service providers, QUALCO has a solution to help you drive efficiencies and streamline your collections and recoveries operations

As well as visiting the QUALCO website, you can also visit the QUALCO Collections & Recoveries page on the Temenos MarketPlace

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