QUALCO is featured in The Credit Village Magazine


It is a great pleasure to announce that our very own Chief Operations Officer Spyros Retzekas is featured in the latest issue of Credit Village Magazine, CVM N.6.


In his interview, Spyros Retzekas talks about the challenges the credit market in Europe is facing, how Artificial Intelligence and automated processes can optimize operational efficiency and how agility is one of the most significant characteristics that has helped QUALCO survived throughout the years in a competitive and fast-changing market. “Anyone successful at the crossroads of technology and finance knows how quickly the landscape can change in very complex ways.” Spyros Retzekas mentions.


QUALCO is an international technology solutions provider that stays ahead in a competing and rapidly changing industry.







Credit Village Magazine is an Italian magazine specialized in credit management and is aimed at those who want to be informed and updated on the world of credit for work, study, interest or curiosity. CVM was born in 2006 and has a circulation that reaches 5,000 copies with over 10,000 readers.


You can download the latest CVM issue here.