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“Winning Technology for the NPEs Challenge” Event by QUALCO


Amarousion, December 4 2017

On Wednesday November 29 2017, QUALCO S.A. organised the event "Winning technology for the NPEs Challenge", at The Image Gallery Amalias 36. 




The event’s goal was to highlight the challenge of non performing exposures in Greece and how they can be tackled by combining best operational practices with complete technology solutions. Customers and their special needs have been brought on the spotlight.

Mr. Miltos Georgantzis, QUALCO, co-founder and Deputy CEO, noted: “Despite the fact that during the last years there has been a total reverse and cosmogony in the NPEs management, there haven’t been any communication changes in the way that end customer has been contacted, prior 10 years. It must become definitely more friendly and must be adapted in the new reality that imposes the use of multiple communication channels, restraining telephonic nuisance at a minimum level.

In addition, Mr. Spyros Retzekas, QUALCO's Chief Client Officer, explained that “since 2008, if we take into account the public debt, the bank debt, the insurance funds debt, utilities debt and local governments debt, that adds up to 3 times our GDP. It’s obvious that modern practices with the use of specialised technology is needed in order to tackle the issue in a holistic approach.