QUALCO at the 4th Annual NPL Greece 2023 Summit

QUALCO at the 4th Annual NPL Greece 2023 Summit


QUALCO joined the 4th Annual NPL Greece 2023 Summit, an event dedicated to the Greek Non-Performing Loans (NPL) market. The summit brought together esteemed senior banking executives overseeing NPL disposals, prominent servicers, investors, and advisors. SmithNovak, renowned for organising premier events in the non-performing loans market across Europe, hosted the summit on June 8th in Athens, Greece.  NPL Greece 2023 (2)

'Technology' Panel Discussion 

Titos Skourtsis, Business Development & Sales Director at QUALCO joined a panel discussion centered around Technology, along with Antonios Bayias (Advisor to the board, Relational), Nikos Patsiogiannis (Co-founder & COO, Prosperty Solutions) and Panos Tsoumpas (CTO, Cepal). Christos Nassios (Director, Legal Collection Division at Sioufas & Associates Law Firm) moderated the discussion.NPL Greece 2023 (1)The panelists delved into how technology could effectively serve the Greek NPL transactions and Servicing market and emphasised best practices in Collections from a technological perspective, including solutions, resources, and processes. They engaged in conversations about the availability of solutions and their potential impact on improving performance in critical areas such as due diligence, pricing, and discovery. 

Skourtsis highlighted:

  • The range of technology tools that banks, investors, and servicers could all be using.
  • The adoption rates of these tools and the areas with the lowest rates.
  • The potential of technology to address the unique challenges and opportunities present in the Greek NPL landscape.
  • Identifying the primary obstacle to adopting such technology.


QUALCO 360 is a constantly expanding solutions ecosystem that enables businesses to align operational activity with ever-changing customer behaviour rapidly. QUALCO 360 supports all asset classes, from banking to NPL servicing, retail credit to utilities, consumer, SME, and corporate both secured and unsecured.