Consumer Credit Risk & Collections 2021: Hungary Meetup by QUALCO


We are excited to announce the first Qualco meetup in Hungary! Experts from the country’s Banking and Credit Management sector will discuss the ongoing market developments.



  • Gábor Barna: Head of Special Credit Management | CIB Bank
  • Benke Zsófia: Lawyer, Federal Secretary | Magyar Követeléskezelők és Üzleti Információt Szolgáltatók Szövetsége (MAKISZ)
  • Csorbai Hajnalka: Head of Strategy | Opten Kft.
  • Fábián Gergely: Managing Director | National Bank of Hungary
  • Felfalusi Péter: CEO | Intrum
  • Győrfi Gábor: Business Development Director CEE | QUALCO
  • Hölczl Krisztina: Head of Restructuring and Workout | MKB Bank
  • Kasó Melinda: Head of Retail and SME Credit Risk Controlling Department | UniCredit Bank

  • Lencsés Tamás: Managing Director | EOS Faktor Zrt.
  • Molnár Gergő: Head of Retail Credit Management | K&H Bank
  • Palkó István: Senior Analyst | Portfolio


Join us!

A few months before the loan repayment moratorium ends in Hungary, it is expected that Βanks will start focusing on clearing their NPL stock, accelerating their efforts to reduce payment risks. As the NPL transaction market and servicing industry are about to intensify their activities, the webinar will focus on:

  • How vulnerable are the Hungarian households and businesses to the prolonged financial effects of the coronavirus crisis?
  • What debt management practices, technological innovations, legal and financial considerations will affect the market in the short, medium, and long terms?

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Event Details:

Title: Consumer Credit Risk & Collections 2021 Meetup 
Date: 29 April 2021
Time: 10.00 - 12.25
Venue: Virtual
Organiser: Portfolio Conferences