QUALCO & Natech undertake the Digital Transformation of the Deposit and Loan Fund

QUALCO & Natech undertake the Digital Transformation of the Deposit and Loan Fund


The QUALCO and Natech Consortium have signed a contract with the Deposit and Loan Fund (DLF) for the “Integrated Information System for the Management and Organisation of DLF's Operational Functions” project.

As part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan "Greece 2.0," the project involves the replacement and modernisation of DLF's software and applications. Specifically, it aims to digitally transform the DLF by introducing a unified Information System that will support and improve the Fund's functions and processes.

Natech will provide DLF with a robust set of solutions, including Deposit and Cash Management, Consumer and Business Loans, highly intuitive Web & Mobile applications for advanced online banking operations, and an underlying AML solution to prevent fraud and money laundering, amongst a variety of additional applications that empower modern financial services. Natech will also provide helpdesk infrastructure and 1st Level Support services throughout the project's execution, warranty, and maintenance period.

QUALCO will focus on the supply and implementation of subsystems and software, including QUALCO Process Automation, Clearing of Dispossessions, Electronic Document Management, Revenue Collection and Administrative Execution alongside 2nd Level Support services.

The project, spanning 28 months, will be implemented in three phases, including Application Study, Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Procurement and Installation of new applications and supporting functions with legal licenses, customisation based on DLF's needs, training for management and user teams, and support during the pilot and trial operation of the system until its final use.