Making this Summer practically Endless

Making this Summer practically Endless


It's a fact that the pandemic has transformed everything we know so far in the labor sector. Nothing will ever be the same again, with many of us hesitating in the face of going back to normality and socialisation. Especially in the Technology sector, although traditionally more open to remote work, burnout has practically evolved into a health crisis.

With our people always at the centre of our approach, we recognise that innovation requires teamwork and a clear mind. But how can we achieve those?

The ‘Endless Summer’ initiative

Aiming to boost our mood, we stand up from our chairs with daily sailing trips to Tzia and Aegina, from May until the end of September! During our retreat, we have the chance to enjoy the crystal waters, dive into unexplored bays, and further bond with our colleagues, during a period that we need it the most!

This summer initiative enables us to take our day off, book our seats on board via a mobile app developed in-house exclusively for this purpose, and enjoy a unique experience with our colleagues.

Find out more about how we make this Summer endless here.