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Intrum chooses QUALCO Collections & Recoveries software to improve operational effectiveness in 24 countries.


Athens, July 1st, 2019


Intrum chooses QUALCO Collections & Recoveries software to improve operational effectiveness in 24 countries

Intrum, the market-leading credit management company in Europe, deploys QUALCO Collections & Recoveries platform in 24 countries to standardize operations, achieve cost reduction and improve operational effectiveness.

Providing collections and recoveries services to large institutional customers and SMEs, Intrum chooses QUALCO technology aiming to streamline and optimise all key processes of each country. The move reflects the emerging discipline of operational and technological excellence in today’s fast evolving business landscape.

QUALCO Collections & Recoveries platform is an end-to-end software solution that ensures improved collections and recovery rates and is trusted by more than 70 customers around the world. The system is compatible with all lending products at any delinquency stage while supporting both in-house and third party collections.

Spyros Retzekas, Chief Operating Officer at QUALCO states: ”After 15 months of hard preparatory work from both teams we are delighted to start working with Intrum in this important project. Intrum is a leading organisation that strives for constant innovation to strengthen its competitive advantage in the marketplace. By investing in QUALCO technology and services we are sure that Intrum will increase operational efficiency and achieve economies of scale across the Group.

After an extensive analysis phase we are happy to now take the next step in creating the world’s largest debt servicing operation. The professionalism and deep industry knowledge of the Qualco team have been the key reasons for choosing Qualco and the Qualco technology to support Intrum on this exciting journey.” says Harry Vranjes, Head of Credit Management Services at Intrum.

About Intrum

As the market-leading credit management company in Europe, Intrum has wide-ranging expertise in debt collection services. Intrum does business in 24 European countries and has more than 9,000 experienced employees. Intrum was established in 2017 as Intrum Justitia and Lindorff combined to become one company. www.intrum.com


QUALCO is an expert technology provider covering all aspects of the debt collections and recoveries lifecycle. For over 15 years, Qualco is servicing the decision-making, analytical and operational needs of leading financial institutions and creditors in Europe and beyond. www.qualco.eu


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