QUALCOxSmithNovac: Iberian NPL meetup

QUALCO hosts Iberian NPL meetup


QUALCO recently had the opportunity to organise a half-day meetup to discuss with top industry experts the developments in the market. How can technology improve the efficiency of operations despite the acceleration of the NPLs that has followed the covid period?

The aim of this exclusive 3-hour event that was organized in collaboration with SmithNovak and took place in Madrid on the 24th of March, was to provide the ground for a fruitful discussion among key industry experts. What is their vision for the next generation distressed asset management and how banks, investors and servicers operating in the Spanish NPL market can take advantage of new technological solutions?

NPL Iberia meet-up - Collage

At the opening of the event, Carlos Cuatrecasas (Partner - Financial Services Strategy at KPMG) presented a thorough overview of the key drivers of the Spanish market transformation and the expectations for 2022.

The focus of the first-panel discussion that followed next and was moderated by Luis Martin Guirado (Director Corporativo Desarrollo de Negocio at Gesvalt), was on how the increasing volume of NPLs can be managed most efficiently. When it comes particularly to the Spanish market, our prominent guests talked about the barriers banks and investors have to deal with and what can be done to secure long-lasting improvements in the sector.

Panel 1

Panel Speakers: Sergio Serrano, Director of Singular Projects, Banco Sabadell, Samuel Winston Macanas Daniello, Head of REOs, Liberbank, Pedro Valle-Domingues, Chief Growth Officer, Altamira

The second part of this bespoke event was opened by QUALCO’s Alexandre Bidaut (Senior Consultant in Pre-Sales) who shared the company’s know-how on the transformational process of adopting advanced analytics, and how in which ways it can improve traditional collections.
The industry experts that joined the second panel, shared their insight regarding the developments in the Servicing ecosystem. In the panel discussion moderated by Ishtar Sancho (Counsel at Allen & Overy), QUALCO’s Fernando Brito Barros, Country Manager Iberia also took part providing his valuable knowledge on technology projects’ implementation, and how innovative solutions can respond successfully to the industry’s needs.

NPL Iberia meet-up | Panel 2-1Panel speakers: Manuel Enrich, Chief Investor Relations Officer, AHORA Asset Management, Antonio Fernández, Business Development Director, Intrum, John McGrail, Senior Director NPL Portfolio, Servihabitat

At the end of the event, all participants had the opportunity to engage in further discussions alongside a few glasses of wine and finger food.

It has been a great pleasure to host this event, and we are looking forward to new opportunities to organize events that will inspire such interesting conversations.

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