Delphi Economic Forum VII: New Realities | Greek Tech Innovation: Real Solutions for Real Problems


It was with unwavering interest to watch the panel discussion “Greek Tech Innovation: Real Solutions for Real Problems” that took place at Delphi Economic Forum VII on April 8, broadening our horizons when it comes to the advancements of Technology and how these can constitute a practical solution to real-life problems.

Tasos Economou, Digital News Director at ERT, was the moderator of the panel, along with Terry Franklin, Executive Vice President at QUALCO, Dimitris Tsesmetzoglou Group CEO of Howden Matrix, George Kalogeropoulos, Group COO of doValue, and Nodas Pascalidis, CEO of Neurosoft, being the insiders of a fascinating discussion.

When it comes to the role of Technology, Mr. Franklin, Executive Vice President at QUALCO, opened his positioning, declaring that Technology is all about enabling societies and economies to drive wealth and thrive. In recent years, where data growth has exploded, businesses are trying to take this data and turn it into something valuable. Machine learning and analytical insights change the way we live and how businesses interact. In a nutshell, Technology makes everything simple; Take a real-world situation, understand the data and solve the case.



Referring to the ways to grow from a global to a local scale, Mr. Franklin stated that “Spending time with the customer, evaluating the challenges and finding the appropriate solution to the needs, constitutes the ultimate key. What we do is translate the clients’ needs into a common language. With different regulations across regions and the high digital penetration, clients find it hard to trust Technology.

To this end, in order to be a vendor of choice, one simple thing is required; understand the need and demonstrate the ROI that clients will enjoy at the end of the day. The key for us is to ensure clients’ trust wherever we operate in. They should deeply know that the solution provided will drive real value. And from our end, we should make sure that the project delivered is efficient. We don’t just provide a solution; we work long-term with the customer to deliver true value, regardless of the region.”