Crown Commercial Service appoints Qualco UK to deliver Debt Management Services Framework


We are pleased to announce that Qualco UK is supporting HM Government in the delivery of Crown Commercial Service’s Debt Management Services (DMS) Framework for a fixed period of 30 months.

The DMS Framework is a new government initiative that will offer all public sector organisations access to private sector debt management services.

Framework users will gain access to Qualco’s third party network to responsibly recover debt owed to the public sector. Users of the framework may include central government, local authorities and the wider public sector.

Qualco UK provides panel and asset management software and analytics to optimise collections on behalf of clients in the financial services, utilities, telcos and home shopping sectors.

The Debt Management Services Framework presents Qualco UK with a varied portfolio of accounts including commercial, tenancy arrears, housing benefit overpayments, sundries, adult social care, council tax arrears and probate.

In utilising Qualco’s services, the Framework aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness of debt management with a socially responsible approach.

Services to be delivered under the Framework include debt collection, litigation and enforcement, bespoke debt services and analytics services. This includes data cleansing and enrichment, scoring and segmentation, data insight and bespoke analytics.

Matthew Hooper, Senior Commercial Lead of the Crown Commercial Service said:

“CCS are pleased to welcome Qualco UK onto the Debt Management Services Framework, in the current economic climate it is more important than ever that Government and wider public services have access to market leading debt recovery solutions that have ethical and fair customer treatments at their core”

Jan-Michael Lacey, head of sales at Qualco UK, said:

“All at Qualco UK are delighted to be joining the Debt Management Services Framework. Together with our partners, we aim to deliver an exceptional service to the public sector, one which encapsulates a fair and ethical approach, coupled with value for money.”