QUALCO at CCR Magazine August 2019 edition


Athens, July 1st, 2019

Getting to grips with the AI opportunities

Last month, a major group of professionals joined a debate led by CCRMagazine and QUALCO, to look into the major issues around technology and artificial intelligence and its developing role in the collections industry. 

Senior experts from organisations like Lloyds Banking Group, Oakam, Toyota Finance, BT, Unity Auto Finance, Future Finance, Just Loans Group, Chartered Institute of Credit Management, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Dentons, Gain Credit, NPower, ComputerShare, Arrow Global and Lending Standards Board responded to our invitation and shared their invaluable expertise.

  • How relevant is AI to the collections industry?

  • How close are we to adopting the techniques of AI in collections analytics and decision making? 

  • How modern collections technology becomes the focal point of all mission-critical C&R


are only some of the questions that were discussed at the round table debate that took place in the City of London, UK.

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