QUALCO at AI Industry Connect Talks by SKEL | The AI Lab


QUALCO, represented by Panayis Fourniotis, Vice President at Qualco Analytics, will join the eighth talk in the series of monthly business talks titled AI Industry Connect Talks , by SKEL | The AI  Lab, on Wednesday 10 November 2021, at 14.00 EET. 

Talk title: Optimising Credit Management Operations through AI: from theory to practice

Summary of the Talk:

  • Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt a powerful tool, but can financial institutions utilise its technology for their operations? Is AI an optimisation tool for pre-existing business processes?
  • How can we get it off the ground?
  • What benefits can we expect?

The discussion will try to give answers to these questions through Fourniotis’s expertise in applying bleeding-edge AI to the ever-changing world of debt collections and recoveries. Join us on this journey where we explore what happens when AI and Big Data Analytics intertwine with the FinTech ecosystem.

Short bio: Panayis Fourniotis is a Senior software industry innovator with extensive hands-on experience in building teams and products from scratch. He is the Vice President at Qualco Analytics, which is charged with bootstrapping the company’s “Big Data” Predictive Analytics capability, focusing on the credit management sector.

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