5 Ways to Transform Your Financial Strategy with QUALCO Data-Driven Decision Engine

5 Ways to Transform Your Financial Strategy with QUALCO Data-Driven Decision Engine


Data permeates every aspect of financial operations in the modern financial sector, from customer transactions to credit records. This presents challenges and opportunities for financial institutions, who must navigate the data-rich environment to maintain their competitive advantage in the market. Analytics has emerged as a critical tool for the industry, enabling key players to extract valuable insights from the data at their disposal. By leveraging analytics, financial institutions can better understand customer behaviour, identify market trends, and manage risks effectively.

Our latest report, "Predictive Analytics Use Cases: 5 ways to Reframe Collections, Loan Origination & Product Cross-selling", offers practical insights from real-world applications. Find out how you can leverage QUALCO's innovative data-driven approach to optimise your operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive profitability.

1. Optimise Contactability for Strategic Collection Efforts

Tackle the ambiguity of contact attempts in collections with predictive analytics to reach 3.5 times higher successful contact rates and reduce agent handling efforts by 35%.

2. Identify the Best Communication Channel 

Using machine learning, QUALCO Data–Driven Decision Engine identifies the most effective communication channels, boosting contact rates up to 68%.

3. Elevate Your Loan Origination Strategy

Tailor your strategies to ensure a healthier loan portfolio and achieve a 10% uplift in overall returns.

4. Predict Settlements Missing Instalments 

Our predictive model forecasts default probabilities, increasing positive exits by 26% and boosting uplifts in cash collection by up to 7%. 

5. Master Cross-Selling via Next Best Product Recommendation 

Address the challenge of effective cross-selling with personalised product recommendations that can increase sales by 8%.

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Employing cutting-edge analytics and machine learning algorithms, QUALCO Data–Driven Decision Engine revolutionises the collection processes by swiftly identifying individual requirements through portfolio segmentation.

The platform consolidates various data sources into a unified format and provides valuable insights regarding the best treatment path. These predictive analytics empower financial institutions to implement more efficient and engaging collections processes, fostering productivity and enhancing customer interactions.